Hair Replacement

Our hair replacement technologies uses non-surgical and non-medical methods to solve your hair loss problem for both men and women. Hair replacement uses a hair piece made of real hair to replace the area of your loss. The base of the piece is made of special materials that highly resembles your skin. The hair of the piece are 100% human hairs fixed on the base one by one manually.

The piece is created by careful measurements of the customer's scalp shape, and the area of loss. Then the technician determines the proper size and shape of the hair piece. Therefore, the hair piece will completely match up to the needs of the customer to make the most natural and flexible appearance. This technology was originally developed for the movie industry in which actors were required to change their appearances based on character in the quickest and most efficient ways.  


Linda Liu specializes in beauty and special effects make up, and has more than 20 years of experience in her field. Using the skills applied in the film industry, she progressed into hair replacement technology and adapted the methods she learned there to effective commercial use. Artistic Image is currently an extremely successful company with wide clientele, and exemplary performance. It will guaranteed your utmost satisfaction in matching and providing to your individual needs.